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Training Admin Assistant/Training Support Associate

The TRAINING ADMIN ASSISTANT is responsible for all aspects of training support and administrative function relative to training of the Senior Recruiters.

Specifically your training functions will include:

  • Sourcing resumes of potential candidates for specific job orders that the training team needs to support the new hire training

  • Conducting traditional job board research for different recruiting firms and clienteles

  • Effectively presenting sourcing training content and facilitate learning sessions

  • Managing recruitment databases for each batch of new hire trainees

  • Communicating with team managers in the production floor to acquire requisitions that new hire trainees can work on including validating partners

  • Supporting new hires and tenured recruiters whenever needed

  • Providing coaching/feedback to new hire trainees on their search string creations and over-all sourcing (tips and overcoming challenges)


Minimum Qualifications:

  • Fresh graduates who have a strong interest in building a career in training and development are welcome to apply or

  • At least 1 year of work experience in top-tier performance-based voice or non-voice BPO /contact centers

  • Able to communicate effectively to different audiences

  • Willing to work long hours, and occasional Saturday shift.

  • Willing to work on permanent night shift schedule

  • Willing to work in Ayala, Makati

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