Senior Team Manager

About Your Role


You will essentially have total ownership of the team and the accounts that they support.

You will be responsible for leading your team of senior recruiters from technical guidance and coaching to mentoring values of professionalism to performance management on a daily basis.

You will engage regularly with US-based clients, updating them on the progress and performance of their accounts, receiving and providing feedback on various aspects of the operation and the relationship and acting on required changes.

You will be responsible to your team for maintaining a high energy, positive environment, low absenteeism, low attrition and high levels of employee satisfaction.

As part of your ongoing development, you will receive ongoing training and mentorship in the areas of client management, candidate assessment and sourcing. You will be expected to use your new skills to further develop you team and your client relationships.

You will liaise with the Human Resources Department to coordinate Benefits, Rewards and Recognition as well as Employee Services.

You will assist the Section Manager in reporting and analyzing performance data to enhance business decision-making, positively impacting Operations and enabling continuous improvement; you will also participate in the communication of performance metrics and analyses to Clients.

You will assist the Section Manager in supporting the Company's Employee Handbook and Code of Conduct; you will consult with and provide input to the Senior Manager to gather data needed to improve policies and practices; you will recommend enhancements for a diverse workforce; you will ensure that Senior Recruiters comply with company processes and procedures.

You will keep abreast of market trends and demands impacting our Clients' ability to attract competitive candidates; you will serve as a critical management resource regarding such trends.

You will incorporate the vision set forth by the company mission, vision, culture and values into the day to day operations of your team; you will provide information to the Section Manager regarding your team's issues; you will keep team members abreast of important items necessary to enhance operational performance.


  • Relevant Experience: You have at least 5 years of experience in Call Center Operations Team Management or equivalent.

  • Expertise: You display deep knowledge in the principles of operations management, coaching, and counseling.

  • Drive: You have a strong interest in building a career in recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) management.

  • Dedication: You are willing to work long hours, and occasional Saturday shift.

  • Presence: You can communicate effectively to different audiences.

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