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Recruitment Specialist (PH-Based)

Job Position Details



If you will be hired as a Recruitment Specialist, your role includes:

  • Sourcing of suitable applicants for a client position by conducting research on job boards, applicant tracking systems, company websites, etc.

  • Screening calls with candidates, verifying different items such as qualifications, availability and compensation requirements

  • Managing regular and direct contact with overseas candidates and clients in the Philippines

  • Assisting on the on-boarding of qualified candidates


To be a successful Recruitment Specialist, you must:​

  • Be comfortable and conversational using the English language

  • Have a drive to succeed and the willingness to learn

*One year of solid BPO experience or background in retail and service industry (consumer sales, back office, ESL teachers, hospitality, service industry, local BPO, email, chat or back office accounts) a plus!

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