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HRIS Administrator

Job Position Details

The HRIS Administrator is expected to help plan, test, implement and administer technologies that drive significant client value for the company in a measurable manner. The role is designed to liaise with the different business units and departments and will report to the Director of Labs. The role is expected to perform the following core functions – 1) TalentCube Administration, 2) Labs Project Coordination and 3) Special Projects for Shared Services


This is a full-time position that includes, but is not limited to, execution of the following specifications:


TalentCube Administration:


  • Overall maintenance of QA and Production environments of HRIS

  • Configuring roles in the application

  • Creating new user accounts and deactivating accounts as necessary

  • Subscribing DIDs and removing DID subscription to call logs

  • Creating new accounts and subaccounts and adding custom fields in the application

  • Ensuring all account and subaccount information is captured in the application

  • Updating roster in HRIS to follow changes in Operations roster

  • Updating and maintaining HRIS Masterfile and other files needed for the application to run smoothly

  • Processing of various reports to monitor usage of the application such as Usage compliance report, Undispositioned call logs, and Upstream and downstream data, to name a few

  • Testing of new features in the QA environment

  • Randomly checking correct usage of the application and reporting findings for quality control purposes

  • Troubleshooting tier 1 and 2 issues reported in HRIS

  • Reporting bugs found in the application


HRIS Project Coordination :


  • Assisting in planning and scheduling various initiatives Labs initiatives

  • Creating project plan timelines

  • Filtering lists of project participants

  • Coordinating with other departments re various project needs

  • Processing reports needed for various initiatives

  • Researching technologies when applicable



  • At least one year of similar experience, performing administrative and technical support for an ATS(Applicant Tracking System) or HRIS(Human Resource Information System) Tool

  • Intermediate to advance MS Excel knowledge and experience with building and creating reports

  • Recruiting or Human Resources experience, a plus

  • Experience/knowledge with ticket management and issue resolution, an advantage

  • Knowledge in coding or database development is a plus

  • High detail orientation

  • Must be willing to work in Makati and work on shifting schedules

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