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Team Leader (without BPO experience)

Operational Risk Mangers / Process Compliance Managers / Business Continuity Managers


A Risk and Compliance Manager identifies and assesses threats, put plans in place for if things go wrong and decide how to avoid, reduce or transfer risks. As a risk manager you'll be responsible for managing the risk to the organisation, its employees, customers, reputation, assets and interests of stakeholders.


Key Responsibilities

You will help the organization promote a continuous improvement mindset.

You will identify improvement opportunities and either lead or support initiatives to improve current processes.

You will develop problem solving and decision making skills of various individuals and groups.

You will lead the development, documentation and maintenance of critical business processes.

You will perform internal audits/reviews of critical business processes.




  • At least with 2 years of experience performance risk and compliance-related work

  • Strong problem solving and decision making skills

  • Knowledgeable with industry standard continuous improvement frameworks: TQM, Six Sigma, Lean, COPC

  • Relevant experience in BPO work is a plus

  • Knowledge of Business Process Management and Risk Management and/or

       Business Continuity Planning

  • Shift will be at 5am-2pm schedule or night shift, if necessary

  • Will be assigned in Makati site

  • Competitive salary package

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