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Facilities Staff

The Facilities Staff is responsible for providing logistical support to the different departments in PSG, primarily operations. The role is expected to be responsible for planning and executing activities in the following areas:


Managing Job Boards


  • Managing monthly views

  • Cost-benefit analysis for each job board (includes financial research)

  • Ensuring security of logins


Site Logistics and Migration


  • Site coordination (if there is more than 1 work site at a time)

  • Migrating from one site to another

  • Project Management for new site acquisition, site build-out, renovation and improvement

  • Workstation layout/plotting, capacity planning and seat allocation

  • Business Continuity Planning


Administrative and Office Management


  • Reports creation for various functions

  • Oversee day-to-day office activities and create policies and procedures for for office efficiency improvement. Perform necessary audits (compliance, security, etc.)

  • Liaise with specific units, private and government, for permits and licenses processing. This shall include, but is not limited to, LGU (City Hall Offices), Building Administrators, PEZA, BIR and similar relevant government arms.

  • Spearhead procurement functions, purchase flow, supplies management, vendor management and concessionaires.

  • Company asset management

  • Spearhead internal and external communications concerning facilities and office administration

  • Issuance of company-recognized items (company ID, shirts, etc)

  • Coordinate with internal departments for budgeting, policy creation and similar tasks

  • Coordinate with internal departments for company-recognized activities



  • Candidate must have relevant experiences in facilities and administrative and office management functions

  • Candidate must have relevant experience with project management and site build-out, renovation and improvement

  • Candidate must have deep knowledge and understanding of government procedures concerning facilities and administrative deliverables

  • Flexibility on site assignments

  • Graduate of any 4-year course. Relevant experience may suffice

  • Willing to work long hours, and occasional Saturday shift.

  • Can communicate effectively to different audiences.

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